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Court Ordered Evaluations
& Court Ordered Training


(1hr in-person meeting plus time allocated to complete written report)

$280 On Site

Your trainer will gather a detailed history of your dog's behavior, make some immediate recommendations and complete a written report you may submit to the court. 


The goal of this appointment isn't to assign blame but rather to help you better understand your dog's behavior and limitations as well implement a plan to keep your dog and the community safe.


Evaluations take place at our facility but this is not a test and we will not separate you from your dog. We will never intentionally elicit negative reactions from your dog or cause unnecessary stress. Dogs with more significant human-directed aggression will be kept physically separated from the trainer by a fence or gate.


Your trainer will need a copy of the police/animal control incident report and relevant documentation from the court in order to complete an unbiased written evaluation. Please forward this to us at prior to your appointment. 



$185 on site 


While it sounds intimidating, court-ordered appointments are just like any other Private Lesson, giving you an opportunity to better understand and help your furry family member and reduce future risk.  

You'll receive homework emails and documentation to prove you have attended these classes.

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