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Private Training & Behavior Consulting

At Training Wheels we specialize in expert coaching to

help  you improve your dog's fear, reactivity, and aggression but

our trainers are also skilled with basic manners and puppy behaviors.





$185 On Site or Video Conference

$230 In Home

Your trainer will:

  • Learn about your dog's behavior and your goals

  • Coach you through implementing management strategies to prevent unwanted behaviors

  • Map out a detailed training plan to help change your dog’s behavior moving forward

  • Teach you exercises to practice with your dog to implement these changes

  • Provide a detailed written summary and support via e-mail and phone

Please note that each lesson builds on the last. Follow-ups are recommended for optimal results and training is most effective if lessons are spaced to give you adequate time to practice with your dog.

MY FIRST PUPPY (Extended Lesson)

$250 On Site, $280 In Home

If you've never had a puppy (or it's been a while!) and you have TONS of questions be sure we schedule an extended (90 minute) initial lesson! Your trainer will get you started with tips to address house training, puppy biting and early socialization. We'll talk about how dogs learn and how to begin teaching your pup the most useful skills.


Follow-up lessons are one hour and $185 on site or $230 in home. 

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