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Day School/Board & Train


Get your dogs some extra tutoring one-on-one with your trainer. Your trainer will spend a fun but efficient training session with your pup(s) and send you a quick note about how the lesson went and what you can focus on between visits. 

This service is a compliment to private lessons. To ensure we have a a chance to demonstrate and help you practice, we strongly suggest also scheduling regular Private Training alongside these services. 

Half Hour Day School

$115 In Home or $147.50 On Site

Your trainer will:

  • Work directly with your dog to practice skills and teach concepts 

  • Email a brief report card summarizing the visit 

  • On site Day School also benefits from a full day of exercise and enrichment 

Board & Train

We've had lots of practice conducting Board & Trains with sensitive dogs over the years and have evolved our program to better meet the needs and limitations of each individual dog.

All dogs staying with us get the benefits of our Specialized Boarding ($110/day) including plenty of enrichment activities and outdoor play in our spacious yards.

In addition, Board & Train participants receive 30-60 minutes of training each day (Daily training time varies due to each dog's individual ability and comfort level. Training time is spaced out throughout the day to help dogs have fun and retain information. Total training time is tracked and billed as an add-on service at a rate of $185/hour.)

All clients must meet with a trainer before booking B&T stays to ensure this is the best fit for you and your pup!

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