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Meet the Training Wheels Team

Our staff is specially trained to recognize and understand dog behavior to ensure that each pup is safe and comfortable during their stay.

Jamie Flanagan Dog Trainer Broomfield

Jamie Flanagan KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA
Owner & Training Director

Our company owner and founder, Jamie began her career training dogs in 2008 and is now one of the most respected dog behavior experts in Colorado. 


She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. 

Jamie handles our more significant behavior cases and court-ordered training but her favorite students are tiny dachshunds with huge attitude! 

Jamie is passionate about helping people who think their dog is a lost cause or have seen other trainers that have made their dog's behavior worse! A little science goes a long way.

Ongoing education is incredibly important for all our staff, but Jamie says the dogs are her best teachers. Ask her what they've taught her lately.

Colorado's Best 2023!

Meghan Barber Dog Trainer Broomfield CO

Meghan Barber KPA-CTP, M.S. Ed.

Training Consultant

Meghan is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Formally trained in Mathematics Education for grades k-8, Meghan now applies her teaching skills to helping people understand their canine companions.


While seeking to learn more about her own reactive dog, Meghan found a deep rooted, “fit,” with the amazing work being done at Training Wheels, and now we just can't get rid of her!

Meghan keeps busy managing a three-generation household and wrangling her two boxers.


She makes the best human treats too; chocolate chip cookies!


Jax Eugster KPA-CTP, M.S. Ed.

Training Consultant

Jax is a Karen Pryor Academy Professional Training Consultant and an M.A. in Education. Jax has over a decade of experience working with humans of all ages (from Pre-K to Adults) and harnesses those teaching skills within the dog training realm. While Jax’s animal training journey started with a red-fronted macaw named Forrest, her transition from the classroom to canine training was fueled by a lifelong love for animals and a desire to help pet owners build strong, positive relationships with their dogs.


When not working with dogs, Jax teaches American Sign Language at Arapahoe Community College and shares their life with Forrest the macaw and a wild golden retriever named Westley.


Currently, Jax’s main side quests are crocheting and finding hidden food gems in the Denver metro area.

Chase Bonner

Chase Bonner | Business Operations Director

Chase keeps the business side of Training Wheels running smoothly.


He's fond of saying "If I'm doing things right you won't ever know there was a problem."

Chase works remotely and may be solving our problems from halfway around the world. Ask him where he's been lately!

Elena Sierra Admin Assistant

Elena Sierra | Administrative Assistant

Elena began her time with us as a client, then a Camp Counselor and now handles new inquiries and scheduling.

When not at Training Wheels, Elena is the talented CEO of the Sierra household where she manages three teenagers and two giant dogs!

Mackenzie Garner

Senior Camp Counselor

Mackenzie Garner
Hannah Cito
Boarding Coordinator, Assistant Trainer

Maddy River

Senior Camp Counselor

Maddy River

Jess Farris

Camp Counselor

Alana Williams

Camp Counselor

Max Sokol

Camp Counselor

Logan Dean

Camp Counselor

Logan Dean Dog Training Camp Counselor
Dog Training Volunteers Broomfield CO
Amazing Volunteers

We are lucky to have a handful of devoted volunteers who help us provide the dogs with extra love and attention and assist with special projects around the ranch.

You may see our volunteers helping with training and enrichment, taking someone on a pup cup field trip or piloting the ride-on lawn mower. 

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