Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training should I sign up for?

Private Lessons are always the place to start!


Private Training

  • These are one-on-one sessions, specific to your and your individual dog's needs.

  • Includes a written follow-up after each session and support via e-mail and phone for optimal results.


Board & Train

  • We work with your dog at our facility and take on the training for you

  • Perfect for the client who is busy, but wants peace of mind for their pup while they’re tending to other things

  • At the completion of your dog's stay we will meet with you to transfer your dog’s new skill set to you. You'll still need to keep practicing at home in order to get those new skills to stick!

How much does training cost?

One-hour Private Lesson - $140(on site) or $175(in home)/60 minutes

Board & Train - $215/day or $2800/two weeks


How much does boarding cost?

Boarding for a single dog is $75 per day.

Boarding for multiple dogs sharing the same space is $60 per dog per day.

Do you have a guarantee?

In the dog training industry, it is professionally unethical to guarantee training results. We do, however, guarantee that you will work with a highly credentialed trainer who will help you reach your training goals. What else can we guarantee? That training with us will be fun for you and your dog!


What do I need for my first session?

We recommend that your pup is exercised and a bit hungry before we meet with you. If he has any favorite treats, prepare them and make sure they are cut up into tiny pieces. 


If you have a dog who is worried about strangers coming into the house, please mention this to your trainer before your appointment so we can plan accordingly.


What should I expect during my first session?

During your first session, your trainer will discuss desired behaviors in depth, coach you through implementing management strategies to prevent unwanted behaviors, and map out a detailed training plan to help change your dog’s behavior moving forward. All consultations include a detailed written follow-up after your lesson with support via e-mail and phone.




How do I get started?

Call us at 720-727-1374 to schedule.

Or book online here.