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Our Training Philosophy

Currently, dog training is an unregulated profession. Imagine proclaiming you’re a doctor, starting your practice, and seeing patients tomorrow without any sort of qualification or education! Unfortunately, anyone can do this in the industry, which is why our commitment to the latest findings in modern behavioral science is so important.


We have the leading credentials in the field: Jamie is a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.


At Training Wheels, our objective is to streamline the training process, eliminate frustration, and empower both human and dog to work as a connected team. We do this by utilizing humane, reward-based training techniques to achieve our goals rooted in the science of how dogs learn. There's no need to punish your best friend in order to get results - in fact, you can teach your dog that he has a choice to offer those wonderful behaviors you want to see more of!


We utilize marker-based training to give your dog clear information on exactly what he is doing right while managing the environment to ensure that your dog becomes a successful, well-adjusted member of your family. When it comes to behaviors caused by fear and anxiety, we also spend time building new associations for your dog.


Our goal is to create resilient, confident canine students whose behavior extends beyond just consults and classes. Part of this success is up to you, of course!


Learn more about how to choose a dog trainer here.

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