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Adoption Counseling

Your new best friend is out there!

But there are thousands of dogs available for adoption... Where do you start? How do you know what to look for? What if you fall in love at first sight only to find out the dog is not at all what you expected?! 


You have a million questions and you want to be sure you do things right!

Let one of our qualified trainers guide you through the adoption process, hand select matches for you and even facilitate introductions with your other pets. 

One Hour Adoption Counseling: Whether you're just starting your search and looking for guidance on what to look for or you've found a pup and need some help deciding if it's the best fit, we're here to handhold! Let one of our experienced trainers answer all your questions, help you make an informed decision and coach you on how to prepare for bringing your new family member home. $185 remote/on site or $230 in home/off site.

Matchmaker Package:

Step 1) We'll begin with a remote "get to know" you session where your trainer will learn about your household and wish list.

Step 2) Your trainer will then begin a search and email you with regular suggested matches and/or screen dogs you come across. 

Step 3) Meet & Greet - When needed, we can provide a neutral space to meet your new pup (a popular option for dogs in foster care). If you'd like, your trainer can be present to help you make friends with your potential new dog or facilitate introductions with your existing pups. 

Step 4) First Week Home - Your trainer will give you tips for bringing your pup home and answer any questions you may have along the way. 


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