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Board & Train

Spending time with our skilled trainers can be a great way to jumpstart your training or work on your dog's behavior while you're at work or out of town. You decide what the training goals are and we'll get to work.


Keep in mind that dogs are very contextual learners so they will need continued practice once returning home. Private Consultations and Take Home lessons demonstrate how to do this and we're always happy to return to continue coaching you over the long term. 

Board & Train $215/Day or $2800 for Two Weeks

What's included:

  • A customized training plan to meet your and your dog's specific requirements

  • All the benefits of our Specialized Boarding

  • An hour of training broken up throughout the day 

  • Stays of two weeks or longer include a take home lesson at no additional cost. If your home is within a 30 minute radius of our facility we'll bring your dog back to you for this lesson.

  • Written instructions and support via e-mail and phone

Give us a call to discuss whether this option would be a good fit for you and your dog.

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